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Our Commitment to the Environment and our Community

Since 2019, Townsville Eco Resort has been Advanced Ecotourism Certified (by Ecotourism Australia). This certification means that we operate with minimal impact on the environment, provide opportunities to learn about the environment and are committed to achieving best practice, using resources wisely, contributing to conserving the environment and helping local communities.

We are committed to and aim to inspire sustainable tourism through several best practices:

Wastewater & Waste

Townsville Eco Resort treats all its own wastewater on site. In December 2020 we have implemented a system that reduces emissions and has zero noise, producing “A” class treated water. The plant has the additional benefit of being flood resistant and underground.

To reduce our waste, we have also implemented recycling of bottles/plastics through Reef Recycling and encourage guests to use this facility and care for the environment.


Townsville Eco Resort proudly boasts Townsville’s best water and has a dual operating system. The water is supplied to the park via our onsite bore and purified via a reverse osmosis system that removes 99% of particles. This is then distributed to facilities and sites for consumption and personal use, reducing the need for inline filters for caravans and motorhomes.


Townsville Eco Resort has implemented solar power and has installed energy saving lighting and energy saving products to assist with further reductions.

To reduce heat and energy we have implemented a white roof system for cooling, as well as installing of a permeable driveway to reduce heat and promote groundwater infiltration.

Culture & Community

We respect and acknowledge the importance of working alongside the indigenous community and supports the local indigenous tourism operators.

We also support local not for profits and projects.

The Future

We are currently developing an eco- glamping experience and constructed wetland. Constructed wetlands are a series of shallow, densely planted, man-made ponds that help filter water through physical and biological processes. They provide a natural way to treat and remove pollutants from storm water before it enters our creeks, rivers, and the Great Barrier Reef.

Our region is home to about 400 of Australia’s 760+ species of birds and is a bird watchers Mecca. The wetland will provide a habitat for local flora and fauna, making it the ideal home to numerous birds and other wildlife.

Read more about the recent awards we have received for our sustainable work.


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