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Did you know that Australia is one of a group of only 17 ‘mega-diverse’ countries?

These mega-diverse countries cover less than 10% of the world’s area but have more than 70% of its biodiversity. Many of our plants, animals and places are unique and are not found anywhere else in the world.

Biodiversity Month celebrates Australia’s rich diversity of life and provides a national focus for promoting the importance of conserving and protecting biodiversity, ecosystems and habitats.

Creating New Ecosystems & Habitats

At Townsville Eco Resort we care a lot about biodiversity, ecosystems and habitats. Our newly constructed wetland is providing great habitats for many local flora and fauna. Our region is home to about 400 of Australia’s 760+ species of birds (and is a bird watchers mecca). Our wetland is becoming an ideal home to a growing number of birds and other species.

Another reason we developed this wetland is that it naturally cleans treated water that disbursed into the wetland. Ensuring the protection of the Great Barrier Reef, we are going to great lengths to ensure no harmful effects enter our reefs and waterways. The wetland assists water runoff entering creeks, rivers and eventually the Great Barrier Reef.

“We are thrilled to see that so many animal species have made the wetland their home. The water quality is constantly monitored ensuring healthy habitats. We look forward to opening our eco-area in the near future so our guests can enjoy and appreciate what we have created,” says Fiona Lidgett owner Townsville Eco Resort.

Protecting Plants & Trees 

We are also passionate about preserving and growing native and protected plant and tree species. We have planted Mt Stuart Ironbark trees in our park which are classified as vulnerable.

And more recently we have transplanted beautiful callistemon and other natives to our glamping area, which were about to be removed by the Department of Transport and Main Roads when they were clearing the sides of the road for upgrade work around the entrance of our park.

Celebrate with us and share what you are doing to conserve and protect our biodiversity.

Learn more about our sustainability approach.


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