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Did you know that the Townsville region is home to about 400 of Australia’s 800+ species of birds? With that many species to be found, our region is a bird watchers’ mecca. Some birds are quite rare and endangered, like the Black-throated Finch, Cotton PygmyGoose, Australian Bustard, Bush Stone-curlew, Beach Stone-curlew and Masked Owl, however many are quite easily found providing you know where to look.

Bowling Green Bay National Park and Alligator Creek offer incredible nature walks and opportunities to spot different bird species. Just five kilometres south of Alligator Creek are the Cape Cleveland Road lagoons and tidal flats (adjacent to the Bruce Highway junction), where pelicans, ducks and swan enjoy good depth, the herons, storks, egrets and waders content with the shallow waters.

Birdwatching at Townsville Eco Resort

At our Park, birdwatchers or twitchers will enjoy the plethora of birdlife as well, from Blue-Faced Honeyeater to Barking Owls, Grey-backed Sunbirds, Black Cockatoos and Black Kites.  We keep track of which birds are sighted, and encourage our guests to get involved. In our camp kitchen we keep a list of birds sighted, which guests can contribute to.

Aussie Backyard Bird Count

Every year, we also participate in the Aussie Backyard Bird Count to assist in recoding species and numbers. It’s fun and assists Birdlife Australia in their conservation efforts and habitat protection. Participating is easy: Just spend 20 minutes in your favourite outdoor space, record the birds you see during that period and submit your results through the website or Aussie Bird Count app. In the app there’s a bird-finder to identify birds you are unsure of. The Aussie Backyard Bird Count is on from 17-23 October 2022. Visit Aussie Backyard Bird Count for more information

Please remember to never disturb birds, their nests or their habitats.


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